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1600 Litre Above Ground Combination Tank

$4,680.00 each excluding GST

Gravity fuel feed – no pump needed.

Constructed in high-strength marine grade aluminium and fitted with high quality parts and accessories.

EPA/ERMA approved as complying with HSNO regulations, with an optional spill containment bund.

Available from 700 to 1900 litre capacity, in single or combination models.

Additional parts and upgrades are available on request - see the Accessories page for more detail.

Additional Info

Tank Material:

4mm thick 5083 certified marine grade aluminium

Recommended Concrete Pad:

150mm H x 2500mm W x 2500mm L

Compliance Stickers:

Included: Diesel or Petrol

ERMA/EPA Approval No: FAB0007
Capacity: 1560 Litres
Combination Options: 50/50 Split (780/780 Litres)
60/40 Split (940/620 Litres)
70/30 Split (1100/460 Litres)
Tank Footprint: 1500mm W x 1480mm L
Tank Height:  3000mm H
Ground Height to Outlet: 1750mm

Square tube, 40mm x 5mm
Flat bar, 38mm x 4.5mm

Foot Pads: Square plate, 150mm x 6mm
Fill Point: 2 x 51mm camlock with lockable dust cap
Vent/Breather: 2 x 50mm down draught vent
Outlet: 2 x 25mm with tap
Tank Warranty: 10 years
Other Parts (Hose, Nozzle, Filter, Taps): 1 year
Complete Fuel Management Package: $103.00 per month plus GST ex Factory
  • 1 x Ensol Above-Ground tank
  • 1 x Levno for Fuel - Fuel Monitoring
  • 1 x Excise Duty Refund
Standard Fuel Management Package: $98.00 per month plus GST ex Factory
  • 1 x Ensol Above-Ground tank
  • 1 x Levno for Fuel - Fuel Monitoring
Lease: (minimum 12 month contract) $83.00 per month plus GST ex Factory
Outright Purchase: $4680.00 plus GST ex Factory
  • 1 x Above-Ground tank (Gravity Feed)
  • 2 x Filter
  • 1 x Safety ladder with platform and handrails
  • 2 x Ball-valve or gate-valve taps
  • 2 x 3.5m diesel or petrol hose
  • 2 x Nozzle and nozzle holder
  • 2 x Dipstick

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